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At an office party yesterday, conversation veered to the Kama Sutra. It actually started with life, relationships and such like fodder for philosophical discussions and (soon enough) led to the KS. Someone claimed that the KS was about relationships and not just about sex. Really?, asked the two Indians in the group. Much enlightenment (from a non Indian who had also not read the text) and education followed.

Apparently, most of the KS’s original intent has been lost in translation. The emphasis is on personal relationships it seems, but the Victorian translation digressed and chose to focus on sex. Isn’t that really what the postures are about, queried the Indians (from hearsay, of course). They were laughed at for defending an extremely unintellectual interpretation of a body of work that ranks amongst the first ten brilliant guides to solving relationship problems. (And kick start relationships. Now that sounds more reasonable, and practical.)

Needless to say, much fun was had with champagne, great company and invigorating conversation. A holiday assignment was agreed upon which will see each of the ten in the group getting their hands on and reading the holy text. A special new year’s party has been scheduled to enable exchange of opinions.

So help me, will you? Am I really missing the point here? The text and Khajuraho are actually about relationships?


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A fun survey

I am a curious being. So indulge me by taking a minute to read and respond to this: 

Do you believe in god?

a) Of course. Why is that even a question?

b) Only in times of need.

c) I believe in truth.

d) Nope. Not me. Call me an atheist.

e) Why bother. I have bigger things to worry about.

f) Maybe. But why does he allow so much suffering in the world?

g) And who says god can’t be a she?

h) Not sure. I suppose Pascal has a point, though.

i) I don’t. I’m happy, I’m good and that’s all that matters.

j) Am I getting a reward for taking the time to answer this?


Please leave your choice(s) with an explanation (especially if it’s c), if possible. The answer to (j) is No. But humour me, will you? 


I am agnostic. 

But I’m on the fence about karma.

What does that make me?

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