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Murphy has the last word

..and laugh. Always.


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About a worrier

I have a husband who is not Karthik, Sriram or Ashwin.

Or Surya. But he’s short (too), and has beautiful eyes (too).


I am the most cheerful chronic worrier on the planet. 

And a very happy person. I believe in being positive. I rarely get bogged down by the uncertain or the unexpected that life can sometimes be.           


I am young, happy-go-lucky, well-meaning, good intentional, harmless, living in Singapore, very prim, think life is a slow waking dream and the troubling bits are those interruptions that’ll go away if I bury my head in the pillow and dream again.

I swear I didn’t sit in for a psycho-analysis session with her. While on that topic, I don’t not swear or curse ‘cause I’m prim-and-propah. I simply don’t feel the need. At a particularly bad moment, I’m prone to say Shucks!!! or Oh boy!! (exclamatory marks mandatory) or Idiot (at whoever is causing me grief or more often, at me). It’s all relative, you see. The husband is someone who goes This is fucking beautiful, or What the fuck (appreciatively) was that, apart from the abusive utilization of the stress-busting word (in his opinion). So again, what’s the point? 

OK, now that I’ve got the clarification on the original comment out of the way, here’s the add-on: I love to cook. I love to cook for people. I positively enjoy cooking for the husband.          

                                                          3.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                            I

I am 27, married and a no-nonsense girl. I live in Singapore and I work in science. I am an only child.

Yes, except am not so sure about the no-nonsense bit. I do give and take a lot of nonsense.

On a related note, I am very, very accommodative. I’m a wonderful listener ‘cause I genuinely care. I’m not very spontaneous- I always weigh my words before I speak, I’m terrified of offending people. I cannot live with the knowledge that something I might have said hurt someone. I’m also quick to apologize.                            



Good sense of humour.

Thank you. In a group, I’m always attracted to the ones with the quick wit. I dig subtle, message-in-a-straight-face brand of humour. And oh, the Brit accent has me in a jelly.

I love watching funny shows. Some of my favourites are Scrubs, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office (both versions), The Kumars at No. 42.                      



Yeah you’re really funny…and you have actually tried to grow karuvepellai??!!

Thank you. Yes, several times. Then I gave up until I saw a flourishing bush two floors down. But I don’t have the energy to try again (do you know that all it takes is to stick a stick into a pot?).

I’m a quitter. Or fatalistic, depending on your perspective. (You want to go with the former eh?)  



For the highest tally, Maami, I present to you something not made of recycled candy wrappers:


Thank you all, for playing along. It was so much fun. Now turn off the computer and do your home-work.

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