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Current affairs

What I’ve been up to (..):

Opened a restaurant with these, amongst other things, on the menu: bhaingan ki boorani, mujhadara and donuts.

Made that dream trip to New Zealand.

Enjoyed a soothing massage that didn’t actually break all the bones in my body.

Got my driver’s license. And a Cooper.

Set up a home-based vegan bake shop. Orders are pouring in.

Wrote to the producers of Paattu paada vaa about their host’s atrocious costumes. Got a promise in writing that the costume suppliers will be changed.

Managed to snag a separate state for myself.  [It doesn’t (won’t) have a name, and it’s only for those who hate labels.]

Went forth and procreated.

(..) In my head, that is. Except the last bit. How have you been?


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