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Quick Gun Murugan

I was reading  Abi’s post on Engineering colleges and some of the college names blew me away with their ingenuity. It reminded me of the creative genius that also lurks in the film industry.

The first instance that comes to mind is the movie  Jeans and its incredibly innovative tagline, 0% Cotton, 100% Love. Next in line, Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Bhi Khush Ho Sakthi Hai (One woman’s search for everlasting happiness).

Enlighten me- movie names and taglines that most caught your fancy?


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Woman enough?

These days, I’m all about the introspection. Hence doing this tag thought up by the Indian Home Maker.

1. I’ve retained my maiden name post-marriage. (If I were to get married now instead of when I did, I would have ensured that I wouldn’t be ‘given away’.)

2. Have gone parasailing, loved every minute and wished it would never end. Two more must-dos: bungee jump and free-fall.

3. I hate shopping- window, clothes, grocery. 7 times out of 10, I will come out of a shopping trip with a headache.

4. Abhor make-up. The most I’ll willingly use is eye-liner.

5. Do not fancy jewellery, definitely not the conventional kind. The idea of jewellery triggering a woman’s desire to get married- I don’t get it ’cause I think it’s archaic.

6. I wear no symbols of marriage- no thaali, wedding ring or toe rings.

7. I own exactly a pair each of these: sneakers, chappals and everyday shoes, apart from a pair of slippers worn at home.

8. I do not believe that the abilities to cook, clean, attend to husband’s needs 24*7 and produce babies, alone or in combination, maketh a woman.

9. Lived-in with the man I was going to marry, before I married him.

10. Travelled alone on overnight trips. (Ask me  if I’d ever  do it again.)

11. The husband dreams of retiring early. If and when that were to happen, I have no qualms about being the bread-winner while he stays home.

12. Was a tomboy growing up- climbed trees  and played cricket with the boys (where I was the only girl).

13. Was a cricket fanatic. Religiously collected all the write-ups on the ’96 World Cup (and became a huge fan of R. Mohan’s in the process).

14. Can just about tolerate chocolate in desserts, though I enjoy a good slab of dark chocolate on its own.

15. While I believe most men are physically stronger than most women, that has not stopped me from unloading heavy bags/suitcases while travelling/moving.

16. I don’t subscribe to the idea of chivalry belonging in the domain of men. Once during a heavy downpour, I got out of the car umbrella in hand, to escort the husband to the safety of the mall. I didn’t think about it until I noticed a group of women smiling at me. I thought they looked amused.

17. Do men with six-packs turn you on? I wonder why they make me want to puke. (I’m not exaggerating for effect.)

18. Love shooting with the camera, and consistently take better pictures than the husband (or other male folk in the family).

19. Love to read. (Never knew this was a man’s thing.)

20. I cringe ever-so-slightly, at the mention of girls’ night out or some such term. (Okay, okay, throw my lack of friends on my face.)

21. I hate asking for directions. I’d rather take that wrong turn and discover something new. If that doesn’t set me on the right path, I might be willing to ask the fifth person from that moment on, which route I should be taking.

I also enjoy cooking and baking, keeping a clean, beautiful home and throwing dinner parties. I was trained in classical music and dance and can sing my baby to sleep. Fixing minor repairs, setting up the TV, internet and associated electrical work, and other DIY jobs are exclusively the husband’s responsibilities. I do help if given explicit instructions, though.

You must have read some very interesting posts by female bloggers. Read the Liberal Cynic for a view from the other side.

So go on, what have you done to earn your place in hell?

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