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Siri, who writes cookingwithsiri.com is organizing a fund drive for Vaidehi Ashram at Hyderabad. Please contribute to this cause. For details, visit http://www.cookingwithsiri.com/2012/01/fund-drive-for-vaidehi-ashram-of.html.


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Husband’s list of vices

I’ve been thinking of doing this for the longest time. Here is the husband’s list of vices (compare and contrast).

1. He loves to shop. While I’m the one on a mission- list of things to buy –> find ’em –> pick ’em up –> pay and leave, he treats it more like a spa experience. (I’ve never had a spa experience. Apparently, it’s very relaxing, so I used it as a simile.)

2. He absolutely loves doing up the house. Most of our current decor are his picks, and he can be just as lavish on spending on the house as much as on his gadgets.

3. He loves a good gossip session with his parents. I learnt the finer points of tracing extended family members’ sometimes ulterior motives from him.

4. Loves to cook, but can get quite frazzled if weather doesn’t cooperate (he was meant to be born in an igloo, but considering it’s summer all-year where we live, this is usually the case).

5. Loves social gatherings as long as they are filled with people he can exchange highly aggressive, non-violent banter with.

6. Is the de facto menu planner for all our social gatherings.

7. Between the two of us, he’s more likely to say at bedtime, can we please chat for a while before falling asleep.

8. Is wonderfully thoughtful- loves, loves to surprise my mom (who loves surprises) with gifts and is usually the one to point me to something she’d love while the thought wouldn’t even have crossed my mind.

9. Is a scaredy cat when it comes to certain activities, like, jumping off into the water below with only a rope to secure you. To further his suspicion of said fun activity, someone got seriously injured while attempting to bungee jump at New Zealand last week.

10. As a kid, he went for vocal Carnatic lessons until he couldn’t take another student’s nasal renditions anymore (true story). He’s fussy, and a hypocrite- thinks boys trained in Bharatanatyam are sissies.

11. Wants our daughter to learn karate. Was earlier deathly opposed to her learning Carnatic music, but has changed his mind now seeing how much she loves music.

12. Does not watch sports of any kind. Laughs at the cricket/football fanatics.

13. Is often found hooked to cooking shows on TV.

But he is also addicted to news (reads it even on the potty), is very hands-on when dealing with electrical/plumbing issues at home, manages our finances and often makes me wonder what kind of life I’d be leading if I were married to a typical Indian MCP.

Happy new year, everyone! Live in sin.

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