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Ramayan, take 4

The child loves Ramayan. She demands to hear it every night before going to bed. And she has very strict rules in place for the narrator- it has to be just so. Once I happened to mention vanvaas, and she was quick to correct that to ‘Ram, Sita, and Lakshman went to the forest’. Irritated that her mother was incapable of getting her facts straight, she turned to her dad to complain, ‘Amma keeps telling the Ramayan wrongly’. Great, I thought to myself. I can save some thondaithanni.

So yesterday father and daughter were acting out the Ramayan. Their own little skit complete with sound effects.

Scene A
Raavan (dad) has abducted Sita (child). He hoists her over his shoulder and with great fanfare pretends to fly across the room and lands in Lanka. He then tells Sita, ‘You have to stay with me, you can’t leave’.

To which a giggling Sita responds very enthusiastically, ‘OK, I’ll stay with you’. Raavan let Sita have a little too much fun. Who would’ve thought.

Scene B
Hanuman (dad again) visits Sita in Lanka. Very sweetly he tells Sita to go back with him to Ram. To which Sita says, ‘Yes I’ll come with you’, disregarding the fate of the rest of the story.

Her version is infinitely more entertaining. So we’re going to stage this regularly for different possible scenarios. It should be doubly giggle-worthy when the grandparents arrive. With the But whys and No this is how I’ll do it, we’re set!


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