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I’m all about interaction, baby

Who hates to cry but loves to smile?

Who has an earring fetish?

Who was so good a sport that she didn’t mind making a spectacle of herself in front of impressionable wannabe machos? (For this alone, I worship thee.)

Presenting Rads.

Now she wants to know if I have similar interesting facts about myself to disclose. Haven’t you seen the morning news everyday this past year? The headlines screamed ‘CW is the most boring individual on the planet, who leads a most uneventful life.’ No?

But I guess any fact is bound to be interesting as long as it’s not let on by me. So here’s what I want you to do. You tell me one/three/few/(my entire history) facts about me. And I’ll match up. You give me one, I’ll give you one more. The more you give (am I that predictable?) so will I. Deal?

This will be fun, no?


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Oh wise, wise one of a year ago,

You will realize that it’s quite amazing how you will manage to imbibe (and dispense) so much wisdom in so short a while (quite alarming too–isn’t one supposed to go slow on the growing older and wiser thing?).

The phrase you will use most often (aloud and otherwise) would be Life is beautiful.

You will need no further proof that you are cold. And terribly boring.

Baking will be your new obsession. It will be the chosen medium to convey to you what stern stuff you are made of. That disasters are only pit stops in your (as yet, but soon-to-be successful) path of bread and cake making glory.

You will view the husband with new-found respect. ’cause buying a house is all fine and dandy, but when it comes to buying furniture and tidbits and things to make it look ‘vibrant’, you will be witness to such display of energy, enthusiasm and general I’m ready to get my butt off the couch for another price comparison-trip, that you will have it branded in your memory ’cause surely you were supposed to be the one in charge?

Let me also warn you that you will, in future, no longer be able to make tall claims such as I have infinitely better taste than you, or I’m going to colour coordinate everything (everything). Speaking of colours, you will (be made to) regret the ‘soft, light’ shade of lavender that you will choose for the master bedroom.

You will discover the wonders of champagne, and great company.

You will get fed up of being taken for granted. Even if it costs you your daily afternoon tea-break.

Of course the only reason you will remember 2007 by, will be your acquisition of a new passport. (And scripting ‘The rape of patriotism’ which you will thankfully delete when you come to your senses.)

Would you want to also remember this as the year you would be making rasgullas at home? The two of you will marvel at how easy they are to make. So, yeah.

GDS, I hope you are mighty pleased that I kept well within my time-frame of one month. As you might have noticed, I’m not enthusiastic about tags. ’cause they make me go ‘Blank, blank and hey still a blank howmuchever you try to squeeze your memory’. So will you please exempt me from the other tag? I’ll tell you why. See I tried to look for posts in the said categories. But as you might have noticed (or not) everything is ‘uncategorized’. Trying to find a common theme, the only one seems to be ‘how to grow’ (most frequently followed by karuvepillai, or up your child). Now that doesn’t really fit in any of the categories, does it?

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