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Riddle-me-Ree, Who can she be?

Greetings wonderful MTBs!!!

and good work to all of you!

For having solved the riddle before

I give you all this clue.


The letter ” E “


Write it down, add it on…

And let’s move on to the next little song


From Mumbai to LA is a short flight for her pen

She’ll review and compare and having done, then

Turning her focus to celebrity butts and lips

Keep us laughing at her skilled barbs and quips.”


Solve it and you get your lead

Misguess, and you lose your speed

Solve it slow but solve it now

And before you go, take a little bow


Go to ‘Comments’ and leave me a clue

Tell me which blog you are off to.

Good luck! Good luck! Be on your way.

You have your work, cut out for the day! 


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Do you know my ABCs?

Shyam tagged me with this exercise a while ago. I promised to do it soonish. Here I am, keeper of my words!


A- Available?

Are you Surya?

B- Best Friend

A pet lizard I named Poopy ’cause he/she thinks the whole world’s a toilet.

C- Cake or pie?

Cake, eggless please.

D- Drink of choice

Absolut Vodka- Vanilla.

E- Essential thing used everyday

The husband’s brain (since I’m supposed to eat his brain every living moment).

F- Favourite colour?

Bright fluorescent green. The one that screams Don’t look at me or you’ll go blind.

G- Gummy bears or worms?

I graduated from pre-school eons ago.

H- Hometown


I- Indulgence

The $5 eyebrow trim. No, maybe the $8 haircut. Or the $2 library books on sale. Yes, I am the very definition of kanjoos, makki choos.

J- January or February

Neither. Bring on the sun, I say!

K- Kids and names

The names are ready. The kids are in preparation.

L- Life

Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.

M- Marriage date

I have two. One in which we were asked to kiss each other on the lips two times (the second for the benefit of our photographer) and the other in which we were prohibited from touching each other until our planets were in alignment. Fun times.

N- Number of siblings

I’m a single child. Reminds me of the time I would ask my parents to buy me a baby brother or sister from the shop (when they asked me what I wanted).

O- Oranges or apples
Oranges. I was a gobbler of fruits. Back when I was 17, I once greedily ate a dozen kamala oranges. It was nothing I had not done before. But on that particular occasion, they deemed it better to lead an existence outside of my stomach than inside. That notwithstanding, they are still my most favourite fruit.
P- Phobias

Q- Quote 

Those who can, work. Those who claim to use the computer at work for work, blog? 

R- Reason to smile?

One needs a reason? 

S- Season? 

Summer. That’s the only ever season I’ve seen in my life and now it’s too late to switch loyalties. 

T- Tag

May I say something? I hate tags. They make me feel like I’m taking very important tests. (With the outcome FAILED written all over. Must be the hangover from the time I failed a Chemistry test in school but was made to pass since the teacher couldn’t stand the sight of a pathetic grown up girl who was weeping her heart out ’cause she couldn’t deal with the fact that she had screwed up.) Hmm, maybe I don’t hate them so much now. They make me derive so much insight into myself, no?  

U- Unknown fact about me 

I can perform black magic. Come to me if you want to wage wars between dolls.

V- Vegetable you do not like


W- Worst habit

I’m guilty of all seven.

X- X-rays you have had

Unless you’re Vijay, I ain’t telling you.

Y- Your favourite food

Home-cooked after an overload of take-out. Vice-versa also applies.

Z- Zodiac

That of the tromping, whinnying horse. 

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Mouth freshener

I was eating a slice of multigrain bread which had been housed in a Ziploc bag in my carry-on (fancy word for the jolna pai I carry to work). As I was munching on it I smelt something wonderful. Fragrant. The smell of perfume dancing on my nostrils. No, literally. Turns out the long-forgotten bottle of perfume which had gotten lost in the dark recesses of the jolna pai had been silently but successfully emptying its contents outwards. The whiff being picked up through the tightly-sealed Ziploc.

I took a few bites, unsure of whether or not I wanted to eat perfume. Then thought it might make for a very effective mouth freshener.

So here I am smelling like two dozen roses plus jasmine plus lavender plus smells-that-are-not-emanated-by-food. Need to test the mouth freshener theory on the husband.

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