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Who, me?

I wanted to write about-

my trips to the Indian embassy- Nothing can make for more entertaining posts, right? Wrong. The task got done in ten minutes. And the nice woman at the counter even apologized for making us wait. Oh, the horror!

the house guests- My cousin and her friend who are enjoying a two-week holiday here after their final year Engineering exams. This was someone with whom I spent three years sharing a room, and I had loads of stories to tell then. Now, except for minor details like calling the husband and me doooood, talking on the phone all the time (and late into the night), and making me wonder how I would manage if I had a daughter who grows up to be like her, there’s nothing much to report. How unlucky can I possibly get?

blogs.bigadda.com/ab– But will ask you instead, to go read!

my very first manicure session- Yes, the manicurist was as shocked as you are. Were you a cave-dweller before you dropped in here, she said with her eyes (I’m a great reader of eyes). But again, apart from sending a dirty look my way for smudging the paint on the left thumb despite being told to be careful, and trying to sell high-priced toners and conditioners that my fingers didn’t seem to want to get acquainted with, it was just another evening. The bright pink interiors are worth a mention though.

how I’m falling in love with little nooks in this city- Places that are a few yards away from highways, but transport you to a whole new world. A serene, pretty world. With a side of wonderful salads to boot.

Apparently, I can’t manage more than these few lines.



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Someone read my mind

A few years ago as we were seated in class trying valiantly to pay attention to the lecturer’s teachings, a thought struck my mind. The trigger happened to be a persistent mosquito that seemed to have developed an affinity to park itself on my left forearm. In keeping with my no-squashing-mosquitoes-policy (yuck! Such a mess!) I tried repeatedly to shoo it away. My friend was watching this with growing amusement and couldn’t help suppress a guffaw. Now I remember distinctly the sequence of words that tumbled out of my mouth next; Wouldn’t it be a great idea to engineer sterile mosquitoes and release them into the world, I said. This time the guffaw was not suppressed. And I had joined in too. ’cause brilliant as the idea is, it wasn’t going to stop them annoying creatures from sucking the life out of beautiful damsels.

Now go check this out- http://www.nature.com/news/2008/080521/full/453435a.html

Which is why I actually wanted the title to read Somebody stole my idea but thought better of it, lest someone reads it and takes it upon themselves to give me my due (a whack on the head?). Oh, did I mention that on the same day (a particularly fruitful day?) I also came up with this other gem- how about re-programming all the receptors in our bodies (which are like hooks that germs can latch on to) such that them microbial things will have no landing pad? If you come upon anything that remotely resembles this, bring it to my attention will ya? And remember, I only thought of it.

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