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Girl, interrupted

Him: ..is an atheist. He believes only in Science.

Her: Oh, he’s a Scientologist.

Him: No no. Atheists are not Scientologists. Scientology was founded by this guy..now what’s his name..

Her: Wait! Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, right?

Him: ..this gay guy..

Her: Tom Cruise is not gay. He has a daughter!

Her friend: Just ’cause you have a kid, doesn’t mean you can’t be gay.

Her: So Tom Cruise is gay?

Him: Nooo. The founder of Scientology is.

Fact is, it’s Ron Hubbard’s son who was rumoured to be gay, and we don’t know if Tom Cruise is. But this conversation mix-up made for some rip-roaringly laughable moments.


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